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How to Build a Grapevine Trellis?

Vine lovers often like to grow grapes in their backyard to enjoy the vine to the fullest. Planting grapevines in your backyard is possible, as grapes don’t require a wider area to grow. Further, it can be very beneficial if done properly, as such a planting can yield rewards for a long period of time. However, as a word of caution, if proper care is not taken while planting grapes, your grapes might not taste sweet and the entire effort might turn out to be disappointing.

One of the factors to consider while setting up your grapevine is making a grapevine trellis for supporting the grapes planted in your backyard. This is because grapes are not sturdy enough to linger on their own. You can either opt to build your own grapevine trellis or buy aready made one, which is easily available in the market.

One of the benefits of trellising the grapes is that you don’t require bigger space to grow grapes. With grapevine trellis, you can grow grapes in smaller space, which is ideal for vine lovers who like to grow grapevines in their backyard.

A grapevine trellis can be build using different materials depending on your needs. Some of the commonly used materials for building grapevine trellis include iron, stainless steel, pre-treated wood, and aluminum. Depending on the climatic conditions in your region, you can choose a suitable material for building a grapevine trellis. For instance, a shorter size wood trellis is used in colder regions, as it helps vines to cope with the winter conditions in a better way. A shorter trellis is build using poles of 3 feet long, whereas a larger trellis is build using poles that are 8 feet long.

Steps for Building a Grapevine Trellis

Here are the steps involved in building a grapevine trellis.

1. Prepare the ground in advance and mark out the area in which the trellis will be located.

2. Dug up the ground up to 2 feet and position your first post there. Cement the post into the earth to make it stable and strong for years to come.

3. Place the posts wide enough to enable the vines to grow. Ideally place the posts at a distance of 8 feet apart from each other.

4. Place two rows of stimulated steel wire between the posts. Ensure that the quality of wire is good and strong enough to tolerate the weight of the fruit.

5. Place the wires at a distance from each other to ensure that there is sufficient room for grapes to grow. Place the first wire towards the lower half of the post, at least 3 inches above the ground and place the second wire towards the post’s top.

6. Plant the grapevine and take regular care to check that the vine grows on these wires. If required, tie the vine with the wires using a string or a piece of cloth.

The above-mentioned steps will help you to build a simple and strong trellis for your wanted grapevine. If you wish, you can even decorate your grapevine trellis to enhance the beauty of your garden.